300 MPH Electric Dragster In The Works.

Top EV Dragster

Getting any vehicle to hit 300 mph in less than 5 seconds during a quarter mile drag race does not happen without a lot of time, effort and planning. That’s something that only the best Top Fuel dragsters are capable of. But getting a solar powered electric racer to go that fast? Naah, never gonna happen.

Don’t tell that to Australian Michael Fragomeni and his Top EV Racing team, which includes engineers, aerodynamicists, fabricators, and robotics experts. They have been working on just such a car for the past 5 years. They estimate it will take the equivalent of 2500 horsepower to get the job done. If successful, their electric dragster, Are’d Up, will be setting elapsed times at the drag strip equivalent to the best modern Top Fuel machines. Maybe even better.

Fragomeni is not only the lead engineer and project manager, he is also the team’s primary driver. According to Dragzinethe first goal of his Arc’d Up dragster is to smash the existing world land speed record for electric powered vehicles, currently held by The Buckeye Bullet, a car built by the Center For Automotive Research at Ohio State University. It went 307.7 mph record earlier this year at the Bonneville Salt Flats. It would also surpass the record attempts of drag racing legend Don Garlits and his Swamp Rat EV dragster. Garlits came up short of reaching 200 MPH earlier this year, leaving the door open for someone else to snag the record..

We’ll keep you posted on the progress of Fragomeni’s dream.

Photo: Top EV Racing


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