IndyCar 2015: Chevy Aero PKG Caught Testing

We love IndyCar here at Gas 2, and that has as much to do with the series’ emphasis on clean, renewable ethanol biofuels as it does with 240+ MPH wheel-to-wheel racing speeds and some of the closest competition this side of- well, anything! And, with the 2014 season over, news about the 2015 season of IndyCar racing is starting to slowly emerge, and the most exciting news of 2015 is bound to be the appearance of visually distinct aerodynamic packages for Chevy and Honda-powered teams.

Last week, a sharp-eyed observer caught this (somewhat blurry) look at a Chevy-powered Penske undergoing road course testing at Austin’s Circuit of the Americas.

Veracity of the photo was proven by IndyCar commentator Marshall Pruett …

… and which was followed up by still more “spy photos”.

The move to unique aero PKGs for Chevy and Honda teams will bring a new dynamic to the series, which has relied on spec chassis for the last few “recovery” years, and should, also, make the series more exciting for casual fans who will more easily be able to tell what engine is powering their favorite drivers. Whether or not one PKG will give a team a huge advantage on any given track remains to be seen.

You can check out the pictures from the Tweets above, below, which I’ve “pulled” in case they get deleted from Twitter down the road. Enjoy!


IndyCar 2015: Chevy Aero PKG Caught Testing at COTA

Sources | Images: @JohnJohnSabol, @marshallpruett, @vfacundo

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