Sunswift Solar Car Record Made Official


The FIA has recognized a new record sun by a group of Australian students who traveled over 300 miles at an average speed of 66 MPH in a solar-powered car. Are solar cars the future of the EV industry?

The Sunswift eVe team broke a 26-year old record, which had previously topped out at just 45 MPH. Being able to build a car that can travel at highway speeds, and farther than even the mighty Tesla Model S using just the power of the sun is an amazing innovation. While the team owes this mostly to an extremely light weight, the Sunswift eVe is more car-like than many of the solar-powered racers to come before it. The team even has plans to bring their solar car to production, once they modify it to meet Australia’s safety regulations.

While the usefulness of a solar powered car varies by area (sorry Seattle), this is a huge technological leap in terms of what’s feasible for a super-sunny place like Australia. Solar power had been booming in the Land Down Under for exactly that reason, and solar-powered cars could be the perfect solution to an economy that’s been historically overly-reliant on coal mining.

Are solar powered cars in the near future?

Christopher DeMorro

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