Crazy Cart XL Breaks Cover

First there was the Crazy Cart, the driftingest, slip slidingest electric cart in the history of the world, brought to you by the fun folks at Razor. It was ideal for anyone under 3 feet tall and weighing less than 70 pounds – in other words, anyone who still has to ride in a car seat in the back of Mom’s minivan. But what about us big kids? You know, latent adolescents like me who are around 6 feet tall and weigh 200 or more? Don’t we deserve to have a completely nutso vehicle of our own?

Apparently, Razor thinks so, which is why they have invented the Crazy Cart XL. More fun than a box full of yoyos, the Crazy Cart XL will put a smile on your face as big as Rush Limbaugh’s behind. It serves no known purpose, other than to provide more laughs per minute than you can get any other way. That alone makes the price of $799 a bargain. You can have one under the tree in time for Christmas according to Toys R Us, which expects to begin selling the Crazy Cart XL on December 9.

Sadly, there is no truth to the rumor that Formula E is switching to Crazy Cart XL racing in 2015.


Steve Hanley

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