Amsterdam Airport Enlists 167 Tesla Taxis


In a bid to reduce its carbon footprint, Amsterdam’s main airport has enlisted the aid of 167 Tesla Model S taxi cabs. The cutting edge taxis are just a small part of the Schiphol airport to be among the greenest in the world.

The taxi service will actually be operated by three competing companies, all of which will use the Model S. One of the companies, Taxi Electric, had been thought to be using the Nissan LEAF, but the Model S it turns out is the better option. Numerous government incentives bring the price of the Model S down, and in some places in the Netherlands the Nissan e-NV200 electric van can be had for less than $10,000. The incentives are there, as is Tesla’s European assembly plant.

The electric taxi fleet is one of the many efforts on the part of the Schiphol airport to reduce its carbon footprint, like extensive use of LED lighting and 35 BYD electric buses, among other things. The rollout of this new electric taxi service begins today, and the minimum trip cost comes in at a substantial 25 euros, though each car comes equipped with free 4G LTE wireless service. The launch also came with a pretty slick video, posted below.

I’ve always wanted to visit Amsterdam, for purely scientific reasons of course. I hear the coffee is pretty good too…

Christopher DeMorro

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