Tuner Battle: Which BMW i8 Looks Better?


Considering its high price, unique design, and low production numbers, the BMW i8 is a car that will stand out no matter where you go. That doesn’t stop people from adding their own special touch, with two German tuners debuting their own take on the hybrid supercar. So I ask you…which one looks better?

While the closest most of us will get to owning an i8 is playing with the online configurator, somewhere out there is a wealthy person thinking “You know what my exclusive supercar needs? MOAR STUFF!” So up first is Manhart Racing, a company with a long history of ridiculous BMW-based projects and a racing pedigree a mile long. Besides the yellow accents and slammed-to-the-ground look, Manhart released no other details for their planned i8 tuning package.

Will the excellent-sounding 1.5 liter turbocharged engine get lifted to produce more power? At 357 combined horsepower from the engine and pair of supporting motors, the i8 is no slouch, but compared to some competitors there’s plenty of room to grow. Full details will come out at the end of November during the Essen aftermarket show.


Then there’s the BMW i8 iTRON from German Special Customs, which like the Manhart tune currently exists only as a computer rendering. Unlike Manhart though, GSC provided a few upgrade details such as daytime LED running lights, a new rear bumper, and a heat exchanger-style front hood (despite the fact that the engine is located mid-ship). It’s also been slammed to the ground, but instead of yellow accents it uses a familiar blue hue to highlight the wheels and grille.

These two tuned i8s have more in common than they don’t, but if you had to choose between the two, which would you want to drive every day?



Christopher DeMorro

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