Audi A9 Heading To LA Auto Show Debut


Audi has gone from a geeky fringe brand to one of the foremost luxury automakers in the world, and at the LA Auto Show in November the new Audi A9 flagship will break cover. While it will reportedly ride on the same MLB platform as the Audi A8, it promises to “charachterise” an entire “generation” of new cars.

In an interview with Auto&Design (via GT Spirit), Audi’s Marc Lichte said that the A9 is “…something that will characterise the whole upcoming generation of cars.” Details are few and far between, and the above teaser is the only image Audi is ready to give us a month from the big debut. That leaves lots of room for rampant speculation, and I am prepared to take full advantage to flex my wish-list for the A9.

There’s only one drivetrain I can think of that really belongs in a new range-topping Audi, and that’s the 3.0 liter tri-turbo diesel engine found in the RS5. An electric turbo combines with a pair of standard turbochargers to produce instantaneous torque, and Audi has already pledged to bring this technology to production vehicles. The instant power of the electric turbo eliminates any sense of turbo lag, though there’s also another possibility; a plug-in hybrid.

Audi has previously pledged to add hybrid versions of every vehicle in its lineup, and the Audi R8 is supposedly in line to get two plug-in versions. Will the new A9 follow suit, or will it blaze a new trail for the four-ring brand?

Christopher DeMorro

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