Panasonic Forms Company To Oversee Gigafactory Investment


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Tesla and Panasonic are the two driving forces behind the massive battery Gigafactory being built in the Nevada desert. To facilitate this huge project, Panasonic has formed a new company to oversee its operations at the Gigafactory, and the company announced that its $92 million investment is the first of many cash infusions.

The Gigafactory will go online in stages, rather than all at once, as Tesla anticipates fairly rapid growth in its EV sales, especially in the next two years. By 2020, Elon Musk anticipates the Gigafactory could build as many as 500,000 battery packs per year, though when it goes online in 2017 production will be less than half of that. Tesla will be in charge of the factory itself, but Panasonic will provide the necessary manufacturing equipment and lithium-ion battery components.

The Gigafactory will also be powered entirely by renewable energy, though Panasonic hasn’t mentioned any plans to on that front. The new company is called the Panasonic Energy Corporation of America, and it will be based out of Sparks, Nevada with an initial investment of $5 million (seperate from the actual Gigafactory investment itself).

Together the two companies hope to corner the EV battery market with their massive battery factory, and they’ve already signed a $7 billion battery deal to keep Tesla production going. However, companies such as LG Chem and even Apple iPhone manufacturer Foxconn also intend to get into this growing market. Analysts have said that thanks to China’s recent round of EV incentives, the battery market is primed to explode…but not for a few more years yet.
This is why Panasonic plans a gradual investment, expanding the Gigafactory’s production capacity as the market grows.

What’s the sense of having the ability to build 500,000 battery packs if you’ve got no one to sell them to?

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