Video: How To Get A Tesla Model S Into A Mall

Rather than traditional dealership lots, Tesla Motors has embraced a factory-owned store model, placing many of these “galleries” in malls where they get a lot of foot traffic. Getting the Model S into the mall is sometimes easier said than done, though the benefits of all that extra foot traffic can’t be understated.

Tesla opened one of its latest galleries in Sydney, Australia, where the Model S recently went on sale, and as usual the location of the store is in a Westfield shopping center (aka a mall). But apparently the Model S couldn’t fit in the service elevator or up the escalator, leaving only a slow-moving lift to haul the electric sedan to the top of the mall. If not for the fast-forward button and some chill music, this video would be terribly boring to watch.

Instead, it’s kinda cool, and gets a lot more people talking about Tesla than if it was just some out-of-the-way dealership. People can walk past it, touch it, perhaps even sit in it, and the galleries will let just about anyone take a test drive…even if you’re not ready or able to buy one. Putting Tesla stores into shopping centers may be one of the best and most understated moves Tesla has made.

It also gave us this cool video. I mean, how many $70,000 luxury sedans do you see just sitting in the middle of a mall?

Christopher DeMorro

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