U.S. Dealers To Get Additional BMW i3, i8 Allotment


EV sales are doing so well in Europe that it’s become the fastest growing car segment in the Old World, and in America sales of plug-in cars are picking up as well. BMW has taken note, and is earmarking extra supplies of the i3 and i8 for American dealers, reports Automotive News.

Worldwide, BMW i3 sales have crossed the 10,000 unit mark even though it only went on sale this summer in the U.S. (it’s been available in Europe since late last year). This has exceeded BMW’s expectations, and in August, i3 sales actually crossed the 1,000 unit threshold in the U.S., and BMW is ready to send more cars to dealers who have seen plenty of interest worldwide in the electric Bimmer.

Meanwhile sales of the i8 have been brisk too, with 280 customers happily paying more than $136,000 for the plug-in hybrid supercar. The i8 is sold out through 2015, though BMW is considering increasing supply to meet demand. Still, that has allowed dealers to markup the i8 as much as 50% over its already substantial MSRP.

BMW has emerged as an unlikely leader in the electric vehicle field, and other automakers should take note; it’s certainly not too late for conventional car companies to get involved with EVs. BMW certainly didn’t go all in, but they did devote the time and resources to building dedicated EV platforms. That is what makes all the difference, and it shows in the growing sales.

130,000 people worldwide have test driven an i3, including our own Zak Coffey. Were you among them, and if so, what was your impression of BMW’s first EV?

Christopher DeMorro

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