Infiniti Q80 Inspiration Concept Is Just That


Though it appears to be more concept car than anything that stands a chance at production, the Infiniti Q80 Inspiration Concept is supposedly a preview of things to come. That includes the 550 horsepower hybrid drivetrain that delivers an estimated 42.8 MPG.

A twin-turbo 3.0 liter V6 is at the core of this full-size luxury sedan, backed by an unspecified hybrid drivetrain that Infiniti insists will inspire production powertrains within the next two years. The 42.8 MPG rating comes with CO2 emissions of only 129 g/km, which isn’t bad for a half-imagined drivetrain. In fairness, the downsized twin-turbo V6 stands a good shot at production, as Infiniti aims to downsize displacement in favor of forced induction.

The Q80 Inspiration Concept also projects Infiniti’s philosophy on autonomous driving technology, namely that it should “enhance” rather than “restrict” the driver. Rather than performing passing maneuvers or altering course on its own, the system makes suggestions to the driver, who gets to make the final decision. A Heads-Up Display is a big part of the system, displaying queries and important information directly in front of the driver so their eyes can stay on the road.

The interior, rather than the speculated offset seating, features four individual seats in a 2+2 setup with opulent comfort in mind. The front passenger gets their own HUD, and each of the rear passengers has a touchscreen for their personalized entertainment. Not exactly new ideas, but well executed in the Q80 concept.

How many of these ideas make it to production is up to Infiniti, but this is a lot of great inspiration to draw from. That said, Nissan’s luxury brand has started and stopped plans for multiple hybrid and electric luxury vehicles, promising time and again that they’re just around the corner. The Q80 Inspiration seems like the most serious attempt by the brand to integrate electrification into its lineup, but it’s seemed that way before too.

Christopher DeMorro

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