Formula E Interview Reveals Big Ambitions

With the nail-biting finish to the first Formula E race in the books, CEO Alejandro Agag fielded questions from enthusiastic fans via Twitter. In his response, Agag revealed that he has huge ambitions for Formula E’s near future, and that begins by having teams build their own cars and batteries.

“Yes, in year two they can build their own batteries and their own motors,” Agag said in response to a question about regulations in year two. “They could build their own whole car if they wanted. But the regulations are quite strict and they don’t allow a lot of development in aerodynamics, but they do allow development in motor and battery. I would hope that we have three or four different makers of motors and batteries in the championship for year two.”

Currently all Formula E teams use the Renault-Spark SRT_01E electric race car, though eventually the sport hopes to spur innovations in both battery and motor development. These advancements could lead to better battery electric cars for the common man.

One of the more exciting visions Agag has though involves wireless charging, which is currently outfitted to several support vehicles. “Imagine dynamic wireless charging – the whole track has dynamic pads under the surface, the cars just go we could do the 24 electric hours with this system,” the Formula E CEO says. It would be a welcome change from the current two-car mid-race swap system, though Agag says new battery chemistries could give cars either twice as much power to play with, or enough range to last an entire one-hour race. Agag says it will “…probably a combination of both…” that happens once the technology catches up.

There’s a lot more to the interview, which you can either watch it in video form above or read in its entirety over at the official Formula E website, and the next race is scheduled for November 22nd in Malaysia.

Christopher DeMorro

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