Warm-Up Lap: Porsche 918 Spyder Inferno

It’s become almost a tradition that with the launch of a new supercar, the collective Internet waits with baited breathe for the first accident, fire, or racing failure, and the Porsche 918 Spyder is no exception. This weekend one of the $845,000 hybrid supercars caught on fire at a gas station (of all places) in Toronto.

Jalopnik was tipped off to the Porsche BBQ via Twitter, and while details are still scant, the 887 horsepower hybrid may have suffered either from a mechanical fault, or user error. I noticed at several auto shows that the exhaust pipes were quite close to the fuel cap, and a few straw drops of gasoline could be all it took to start a devastating blaze and insurance claim.


Thankfully it seems the driver managed to escape, as did the gas station, as I have yet to come across any reports of an exploding gas station taking out a chunk of Toronto.

The lesson here? Gasoline is still infinitely more dangerous than battery electric vehicles, and even high-end hybrids aren’t immune to the volatile nature of our primary energy source. While the media was quick to make a big deal out of a couple of isolated Tesla Model S fires, one has to wonder what reaction the media will have to an almost million-dollar supercar meltdown.

Isolated incident, or the beginnings of a recall?

Christopher DeMorro

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