BMW Wallbox Pro Offers Three Hour Charge For i3 Owners


Plugging in at home is one of the most attractive qualities about owning an electric car, and the BMW Wallbox Pro will offer i3 owners the option of an 80% charge in as little as three hours. Add in a nifty touchscreen, a proximity sensor, and the ability to choose what energy sources you charge from, and you’ve got a home EV charger a step above the rest.

The Wallbox Pro joins the Wallbox Pure, and both chargers offer the same 7.4 kW charging rate. The Wallbox Pure normally takes about six hours to top off the 22 kWh battery, but the Wallbox Pro can deliver an 80% charge in just three hours. The last 20% will probably take another hour or so, but many EV drivers only fill up to 80% in order to preserve battery life anyways.

A proximity sensor activates the Wallbox Pro when the driver gets near, and a touchscreen unit lets you select your energy source. If, for example, you have solar panels on your home, you can choose to use that energy to charge your i3, rather than pulling from the grid. You can even integrate the Wallbox Pure with up to eight other smarthome functions, like controlling the climate control systems and lighting. BMW isn’t the first automaker to try and integrate EV features deeper into the home, and Tesla appears to be on the same path with its partner, SolarCity.

Our cars and our homes are becoming connected in ways we had up until now only imagined. BMW ‘s vision of car and home connectivity is already on sale in Europe, and arrives here in America later this year.


Christopher DeMorro

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