This Garage Is Ready For The Tesla Model S


I’ve come to believe that the garage is the last refuge of American manhood, an almost holy place for us to contemplate the nature of the universe, and as well as why the water heater is rattling. That’s a pretty heady way to introduce this Tesla-themed garage owned by Martin Buehler, who expects to take delivery of his white Model S85 within the next week.

Before then though, he gave his garage a makeover in the form of a painted wall-sized Tesla banner on one side the garage, and on the garage wall he has already installed his Tesla 240-volt charger. That’d be cool in and of itself, but on another wall Martin has the BMW and Porsche emblems sharing space; his wife drives a Z4, and he recently sold his Cayman in order to buy the Model S.

Martin has owned mostly smaller sports cars like the Cayman, an Acura NSX, and a Toyota MR2 (good taste man!), though he followed the Model S, he thought it would be too much of a land yacht. As such, Martin told me he was “…hoping for a new version of the Roadster in a few years, but decided to stop by with my wife to test drive an S just to see how different electric cars were (she didn’t like the idea at all, I expected the size to make me not like it either).”

Both Martin and his wife were “blown away” by the Model S, as well as their superb dealership experience, and after a few return trips to pick out colors and options, his order to Tesla was placed. He’s counting down the last few days, feverishly refreshing the delivery dashboard until the moment he can park his Model S in his finished garage. That’s about the only way I can think to make it look any better.

Images: Martin Buelher | via Reddit

Christopher DeMorro

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