Toyota Hydrogen Ad Asks Are You A Handbrake, Or A Trailblazer?

Toyota is no stranger to taking controversial stands. It bucked conventional wisdom when it went all in on the Prius more than a decade ago and that venture has turned out rather well for them.

Recently Toyota announced that it thinks electric cars are a dead end and that fuel cell cars are the inevitable wave of the future. Many people are skeptical of that claim.

The company just released a new video that claims 2015 will be the year in which the world turns away from electric cars and embraces the hydrogen highway to the future. It says doubters are “handbrakes” while believers are “trailblazers”. Clearly it sees itself as being in the latter category.

To my eyes and ears, the video is rather defensive, as if they are trying to convince themselves as much as potential buyers. Or maybe the video is supposed to convince governments to fund the costly hydrogen infrastructure needed to make the dream of a hydrogen economy a reality? Watch it and then decide if Toyota has a clearer vision of the future than others or is about to take itself over a cliff.

Steve Hanley

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