Toyota C-HR Hybrid Crossover Breaks Cover


The Toyota C-HR concept has broken cover thanks to Carscoops, which says the compact crossover will influence an actual production vehicle that will ride on the RAV4 platform. Lacking anymore details, we’re left with a concept that looks stuck halfway between a Dakar Rally truck and a compact hot hatch, even though it’s neither.

Rather it will enter Toyota’s lineup (assuming of course a production vehicle is forthcoming) into the growing compact crossover segment. The Toyota C-HR’s two door coupe-styling hints at a sportier driving experience, but the jacked-up suspension gives it more road presence than your average sport compact. Toyota hasn’t been forthcoming on details, and I’m not going to hold my breathe for the kind of powertrain that motivated last year’s Yaris Hybrid-R.

It’s also doubtful a production model will maintain the same frisky, playful look of the C-HR concept, but Toyota has been trying to show an edgier side to itself with concepts like the aforementioned Yaris and the FT-1 Supra successor.

Maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised should a production model come of the C-HR concept.
Until we get more details though, it’s just a pretty face without a whole lot of substance to it.


Christopher DeMorro

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