IndyCar 2015: CFH Chooses Chevy Power

carpenter fisher racing chooses chevy

It’s official: the newly-formed Carpenter-Fisher-Hartman unified IndyCar team will tackle the 2015 season of IndyCar racing with Chevrolet’s 675 HP ethanol power unit and aero kits urging them onward. Which, really, shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to anyone.

That’s not to say that Chevy builds a better IndyCar engine than Honda does – although I’m not not saying that – but rather it’s to say that, given both Fisher’s and Carpenter’s long history with Chevy racing engines, it was expected. Remember that Carpenter’s team had a stellar year- winning 3 races and starting from the pole at the Indy 500 in 2014 compared to Sarah Fisher’s Honda-powered goose egg (0). Next, recall that Fisher was driving a Chevy-engined car when she became the first woman to score an IndyCar pole position at Kentucky in 2002. If you do both those things, then the Chevy move was obvious.

“Team Chevy has delivered for ECR over the past three years,” said Carpenter, in the team’s official release. “I know our new combination of CFH Racing and Chevrolet will continue to put us in a great position moving forward. I started my IndyCar career with the Bow Tie (Chevy) and … we’ve been able to get some results along the way with the wins and the Indy poles. With the new development of CFH Racing and all the hard work that’s going on to bring our two teams into this new team, this is really exciting.”

With the addition of Josef Newgarden to Carpenter’s arsenal, he may be able to pull off a bit more than “just” 3 wins next season. Stay tuned to see how that all plays out next year!


Source: CFH Racing, via Motorsport.

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