No BMW i8 Spyder For Now


Anybody with pockets deep enough to afford the $136,000 BMW i8 can understand the basic economics of supply and demand. It’s no wonder that plenty of buyers have been willing to fork over 50% more than the MSRP to get an i8 in their garage. You’d think this would have BMW eager to cash in on the popularity of their plug-in hybrid supercar, but you’d be wrong.

InAutoNews reports that BMW has put the kibosh on a topless BMW i8 Spyder, nor are there plans for a lengthened version of the 7-series sedan. There are “no plans” for a i8 Spyder, despite a well-received concept version that traveled the car show circuit through much of 2012 and 2013. So why not?

It’s one thing to peel the top off of a concept car that doesn’t have to meet crash test standards, but taking off the roof likely compromises the integrity of the carbon fiber passenger cell. Sure, it could be reinforced, but that adds weight to a car that prides itself on keeping the pounds off.

Perhaps BMW just isn’t ready to start talking variants. Another rumor hinted at the possibility of a more powerful i9 to celebrate BMW’s centennial, but this is all a case of putting the cart before the horse. Maybe once the first batch of i8s are with their new owners, BMW will loosen its lips and give buyers and enthusiasts what they want..

Christopher DeMorro

A writer and gearhead who loves all things automotive, from hybrids to HEMIs, can be found wrenching or writing- or else, he's running, because he's one of those crazy people who gets enjoyment from running insane distances.