Bimbo Bakeries Adds CNG Trucks To Fleet

Clean Energy CNG Station

Bimbo Bakeries USA (BBU) is America’s largest baker, with brands like Sara Lee, Thomas’ English muffins and Boboli pizza among its offerings. As part of its corporate initiative to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and raise sustainability standards, BBU has converted 81 delivery trucks within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to compressed natural gas (CNG) thanks in part to a grant from a Pennsylvania alternative fuels grant.

Now it has entered into a collaboration with Clean Energy to lease 16 CNG powered tractor trailer  units for heavy hauling duties in Northern California. Clean Energy operates more than 500 CNG refueling stations in the US and Canada, and it says the 16 new trucks will cut greenhouse gas emissions by 580 tons annually.

Jim McKeown, director of environment and sustainability for BBU and Grupo Bimbo said. “We are continuously looking for ways to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and our collaboration with Clean Energy to deploy natural gas trucks is an important step in our company-wide green initiatives.”

In addition to lower emissions, CNG promises to significantly reduce maintenance costs as well. If the switch to CNG fuel meets expectations, Bimbo Bakeries will consider adding more CNG powered trucks at all 65 of its US locations.

Bimbo is not the only large manufacturer switching to CNG powered trucks. Last week we reported that Anheuser Busch is leasing a fleet of CNG trucks from Ryder Systems for its Dallas based activities. Congress may pooh pooh climate change, but America’s major industries are responding to the challenge in important and responsible ways.

Steve Hanley

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