Video: Deadmau5 Drives For Uber

Canadian EDM sensation deadmau5 (“deadmouse”) seems like the kind of guy who knows how to have fun with his money. He made the news over the summer after giving his Ferrari 458 a Nyan cat makeover, and took to Twitter to complain when Ferrari sent him a “cease and desist” letter over his custom made “Purrari” badge. He’s also engaged in a trademark battle with Disney, who objects to his Mickey Mouse-like logo. His response to the trademark objection? “…lawyer up, Mickey.”

The dude is a real-life troll, and I mean that in the best of ways.

Deadmau5 has since sold the Ferrari, and in another general act of first-world anarchy, the Toronto native signed up for UberX with his newer, faster ride, a 727 horsepower McLaren P1 hybrid hypercar. He then filmed the shockingly-tame reactions of various Canadian Uber users who got to ride along with one of the world’s premier DJs in a million-dollar car. One lady seemed far more interested in his cats than his car or music career.

Uber has crowdsourced car sharing in an innovative way that lets celebrities like deadmau5 (I’m a fan by the way) live out their taxi-driving dreams. More seriously, Uber’s rapid progress has been stymied by recent protests across Europe and an outright ban in Germany. Whilst many North American cities have readily accepted an alternative to the taxi monopoly, plenty of opponents have popped up to try to halt the march of progress.

Then you’ve got guys like deadmau5, who just want to see the world trolled.


Christopher DeMorro

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