Hy-Cycle Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powered Bicycle

Students at the University of New South Wales in Australia have designed and built a fuel cell powered bicycle that runs on hydrogen. Should we be excited?

The creators of the Hy-Cycle claim it has a range of about 80 miles on $2.00 worth of hydrogen. The biggest issue is where does the rider find a place to recharge it, other than a university science lab?

Critics contend it would be cheaper, lighter and easier to just use a battery to power the bike’s small electric motor. As it stands, it is an interesting academic exercise with few commercial possibilities.

Still, Toyota and Honda are committed to producing fuel cell vehicles. Perhaps having the Hy-Cycle on their resume will help some of the University of New South Wales students find jobs with Japan’s two largest car manufacturers.

Source: AutoBlog

Steve Hanley

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