Toyota C-HR Concept Promises To Be “Engaging”


In a few weeks the Paris Auto Show will throw open its doors, and the Toyota C-HR Concept will be on hand to offer an “innovative” and “engaging” compact hybrid crossover, according to the brief press release. No real details yet beyond the above teaser, except that the C-HR will also debut a new corporate design language for the European market.

It will be joined by the finalized version of the new look of the Toyota Fuel Cell Vehicle (maybe named Mirai), though beyond that Toyota is staying tight-lipped about the Paris auto show. With the compact crossover market one of the fasest-growing segments, Toyota seems eager to get another contender into the market, and a hybrid at that, but it won’t join the Prius family of vehicles either it seems.

A new Prius is due to debut next year, so the hybrid drivetrain could be a total departure from the fuel-sipping green car leader. The C-HR is the latest in a long trend of “edgier” hybrid car concepts from Toyota, eager to shake its safe-but-stodgy image. Last year Toyota also debuted a hot hybrid hatch, the Yaris Hybrid-R, though thus far nothing seems to have come of it. There’s also the Toyota FT-1 hybrid supercar seems to be on the fast-track to production.

More to the point, how will the C-HR compare to the long-popular Toyota RAV4? The two models will apparently be sold side-by-side, with the C-HR offering more excitement compared to the utilitarian RAV4. Seems like Toyota might be spreading itself a little thin to me, but I won’t turn my nose up at a better looking and more exciting hybrid crossover.

Christopher DeMorro

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