Sold-out BMW i8 Fetching 50% Over Sticker

BMW i8

That the new BMW i8 hybrid-electric supercar is visually stunning is beyond debate. So, too, is its success in the marketplace, considering that the first batch sold out before the first example ever reached dealerships. Demand for the car, however, remains high – so high, in fact, that a particularly desperate BMW fan just paid more than 50% over the BMW i8’s sticker price to get his hands on one!

Tim Marlow, director of Magnitude Finance, who brokered the deal, explained that “a long-standing client contacted us and said he was desperate to get into (a BMW i8), and asked if we’d heard of anyone willing to sell … (another long-standing client) had one on order, and when we were preparing a package for his latest car. We casually mentioned, it and he said he was willing to sell for the right price.” The “right price”, apparently, is a 50% profit. “We put the pair in touch to conclude the deal and both are extremely happy. The buyer says he is investing in a modern day classic while the seller has made a profit of £45,000 in just over a month,” he said.

So, a win-win, maybe?

Regardless of how you view the actions of the stealership dealership involved, the reality is that BMW has a winner on its hands with the i8. The only question now is whether or not they’ll build any more to try to satiate the world’s pent up demand. What do you think?


2014 BMW i8

Source | Images: GTSpirit.

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