Tesla Firmware v6.0 Adds New Nav Features


Elon Musk was just quoted as saying that within the next two or three years, Tesla will roll out a semi-autonomous car. With the Tesla firmware update 6.0, the Model S got one step closer with a variety of navigation updates designed to make driving less of a hassle in heavily congested areas, though one promised feature appears to be missing.

The update focuses primarily on integrating real-time traffic and time estimations into navigation routes, and the new Calendar feature can direct you to your next destination automatically. The navigation app will constantly look for better alternative routes in case of traffic and redirect as necessary. Even you don’t use the navigation system on a daily basis, the new Commute Advice feature will still monitor your daily route for traffic or other congestion issues, suggesting you take an alternative route if things look sticky. Talk about futuristic.

Tesla has also included the ability to name your car in this update, and the aforementioned Calendar app syncs with your smartphone app to let you view important meetings. A new NIGHTLY power-saving mode conserves energy in the Model S between the hours of 10 PM and 5 AM, and the Always Connected feature keeps the smartphone synced with the electric sedan at all times, allowing quicker access to your car. The gauge cluster UI also got a minor looks update as well.

One of the coolest new features though is location-based air suspension control. Say they’re repaving a road near your house; if your Model S has the air suspension, you can set it to automatically raise the car when you reach that section of road, and lower for better aerodynamics once you’re on the highway. Neat, right? Oh, and you can also start your Tesla Model S with the key fob via the smartphone app, taking us one step closer to a keyless future.

For the full patch notes, click the link below.

via Tesla Motors Club | Image: rewski

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