Ultra-Lux Volvo XC90 Four-Seat Coming To China?


With room for up to seven passengers, three drivetrain options, and looks that will be hard to ignore, the 2015 Volvo XC90 offers a wide range of luxury and tech features that would make any Model S owner jealous. For Chinese customers, an ultra-luxury version of the XC90 is supposedly in the works, with less passenger room but a lot more legroom.

According to AutoCar, Volvo has confirmed work on a four-seat super-luxury version of the XC90, which will replace the two back rows of seats with two additional front seats loaded with the same electronic adjustable features and heating/cooling elements. The seats will also include a massage function, and as you might imagine, removing two rows of seats opens up a whole lotta legroom.

Chinese customers are particularly fond of legroom, as anyone who’s anyone is driven around as opposed to driving themselves. It’s one of those eccentric attitudes only the super-wealthy can really afford, and Volvo (which is owned by China’s Geely) is more than happy to oblige them. Rumor has it Tesla is working on a stretched version of the Model S in response to Chinese customer criticism that the rear seats don’t offer nearly enough legroom.

While the XC90 won’t benefit from the recent wave of Chinese government incentives for buying EVs and plug-in hybrids, green-minded buyers can opt for the 400 horsepower “Twin Engine” hybrid drivetrain. A turbocharged and supercharged Drive-E petrol engine meanwhile will be offered as the standard motor, though a diesel motor will be available as well.


Christopher DeMorro

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