Formula E Races Will Also Host EV Test Drives


The Formula E series will bring more than just a new breed of quiet-but-powerful racing to the streets of ten world-class cities. Last week the electric racing series announced that in addition to the one-day races, Formula E would bring a four-day EV car show and test drive event to at least five cities on its schedule.

Formula E has partnered with a number of big name companies including official shipping company DHL and the official car of Formula E, BMW, both of which are trying promote sustainable transportation within motorsports. A variety of manufacturers will be on hand with their products to offer test drives to Formula E fans and potential customers, as will the Rimac Concept_One. You can bet that the BMW i3 will be on hand, though the i8 will probably be reserved for just show status. As of right now, Miami, Long Beach, Berlin, London, and Monaco are all slated to get these unique motor shows, which are likely to feature other EVs and hybrids to test drive as well.

Alejandro Agag, CEO of Formula E, said: “We are excited to announce this new and important development for Formula E. The Formula E Motor Shows will play an important part in removing the barriers to the electric vehicle market and helping change perceptions to make people believe in electric car ownership. The future of modern, mass transport, particular in cities and urban areas, lies in electric vehicles. The Formula E Motor Shows will help to accelerate the interest and adoption of sustainable and clean air motoring solutions in-line with our objectives for the championship.”

In addition to the motor shows and high-tech cars, Formula E races will introduce audiences to the concept of wireless charging, swapping race cars, and even a unique Tweet-to-boost feature aimed at improving fan engagement. In just three days time, the first Formula E race ever will kick off in Beijing, launching a new era of sustainable motorsports.

Christopher DeMorro

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