Streamlined Electric Motorcycle Goes 170 Miles Per Charge

craig vetter electric motorcycle

Craig Vetter is a legend in the motorcycle world, and the man who made aerodynamic fairings on UJMs like the original Honda GL1000 GoldWing and CX500 SilverWing a thing. He’s influenced every bike-maker, and continues to push the limits of motorcycle aerodynamics. Today, Vetter’s making waves with his Vetter challenge for electric motorcycles. This year’s challenge? Travel 171 miles at highway speeds, without recharging.

In the end the winner was cross-country rider Terry Hershner, whose motorcycle completed the challenge with the lowest cost-per-mile … and at an average speed of some 80 MPH. (!)

Terry’s bike was a collaboration, of sorts, that started off as a relatively conventional Zero S. That’s until electrical genius Harlan Flagg and aero master Craig Vetter got to it, that is. Now, it looks like this under the skin …


… which, yeah. Doesn’t look all that much like a Zero S, anymore.

Still, the feet-forward riding position, smoother ride, increased range, and 80+ MPH cruising speed of Terry’s electric motorcycle have to be upgrades – especially when you consider that there is no regular production electric motorcycle that can do nearly 200 miles at that speed.

It’s a slick looking bike, and the ride itself is a great story. You can check it out over at Green Car Reports, which did an excellent job chronicling the 2014 Vetter Challenge and Terry’s winning motorcycle. You can read the original article at this link, see some photos, below, then let us know what you think about Terry’s two-wheeled streamliner in the comments section at the bottom of the page.


Craig Vetter-styled Electric Motorcycle

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