Police Recover Stolen Model S Thanks To Tesla App


The Tesla Model S was recently crowned the least-stolen car in America, for a number reasons, including the fact that there’s not much market for Tesla parts, and there aren’t even that many Model S sedans on the road right now. Then there’s the Tesla App, which allows owners to remotely track their car via an onboard GPS.

It was this app that allowed a Tesla Model S owner to alert La Jolla police to the fact that his car was stolen, and he knew exactly where it was. News10 reports that Karim Pirani told cops his Model S was travelling down La Jolla Coolony Drive, then watched via her Tesla smartphone app as the thief led cops on a high-speed chase.

“I was watching it on my mobile app, it was going at 100 miles per hour,” owner Karim Pirani told 10News. “So we were able to see how fast it was going. But there was no way that I could actually stop the car.”

That remote on/off feature is coming soon to a new and improved Tesla app, but not soon enough for Pirani to immobilize his car. Police eventually deployed a spike strip to shred the Tesla’s tires, causing it to finally come to a stop, where the driver and passenger were both eventually arrested. Several other stolen items were found in the car, and it’s been suggested that the Model S was stolen because the key fob was left in it. A target of opportunity, as it were, albeit one that didn’t work out for the GTA wannabes. Though it’s a little worse for wear, Pirani will thankyfully get his Model S back in one piece, which is more than we can say for another high-profile Tesla theft.

The Model S is certainly living up to its reputation as America’s least-stolen car, and Tesla is actively enlisting IT security specialists to protect it from nefarious hackers as well. Add to that it’s stellar crash test safety rating, and the reasons to be a Tesla owner just keep adding up.

Christopher DeMorro

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