20,000 Tesla Model X Reservations (And Counting)


The Tesla factory has been retooled to begin Model X production any day now, and the electric automaker has plenty of work to look forward to. According to the dedicated sleuths of the Tesla Motors forum, reservations for the Tesla Model X have exceeded 20,000 units as of today. But don’t pop the champagne yet.

Back in March we reported that there were some 12,000 Model X reservations logged since the electric SUV debuted back in 2012. Since then though, reservations have only accelerated, and while Tesla won’t officially confirm the numbers, crowd-sourced reservation numbers indicate that approximately 20,159 deposits have been placed so far. That’s about 43.6 orders per day, and in the month of August alone 1,353 reservations were made, with the average monthly reservation rate more than doubling in the past year.

The chart below highlights just how much the reservation rate has accelerated.


So where are those orders coming from? Naturally, a majority of the orders come from either the United States or Canada, though Europe and Asia Pacific (including China and Australia) made up about 25% of total Model X reservations. But with more than 14,000 orders in the US alone, America has once again solidified its status as the land of the SUV.

It’s not all peachy for the Fremont, California car company though. Even with new manufacturing tools increasing production to as much as 3,000 vehicles per week, the assembly line still has to be split with the Model S. If Tesla dedicates 50% of its total capacity to the Model X, it would take more than a year just to work through the orders it already has. And despite a cheery newsletter sent to current reservation holders, there are still a lot of unanswered questions surrounding the Model X and its fancy falcon-wing doors.

The hype is reaching a fever pitch, even though a firm price hasn’t been set, nor has there been much discussion about range. By the time production of the Model X actually starts, reservations could easily exceed 25,000 units. Meanwhile, Elon Musk says salespeople have been actively discouraging Model X reservations, instead steering customers into a Model S, at least for now.

I guess the hype is real, huh?

Christopher DeMorro

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