VBB Electric Streamliner Sets 270 MPH Record


Despite an “unprecedented” weather event that forced the cancellation of the first three days of Bonneville Speed Week, the Venturi Buckeye Bullet still managed to salvage the effort with a “symbolic” speed record of 270 MPH on all electric power.

The Venturi-backed Ohio State land speed record team had hoped to take down the 307 MPH record they set as the VBB 2.5 team set back in 2010. We’re now on VBB-3, and the team is dead set on breaking all the electric streamliner land speed records for all weight classes.

To reach over 300 MPH though, the VBB team would need the full 12-mile length of the Bonneville Salt Flats to accelerate and safely stop. Even though the salt flats dried out in record time, the race director still had to cut the track length down from 12 miles to just 8, not leaving enough room for a true top speed run. Even though it’s powered by a 3,000 horsepower electric motor, it takes the VBB electric streamliner 5.5 miles, but the shortened track left just 3.5 miles for acceleration.

Sounds like a lot of space, but when you’re going over close to 300 MPH, you’ll travel about 5 miles in just one minute. Even so, the VBB team made the best of a bad situation. Despite only getting in ten runs over the shorted Speed Week, they managed an average speed of 212 MPH and a top speed of 270 MPH. That was fast enough to set a new, “symbolic” record for an EV over 3.5 metric tons, but the ultimate goal is to eclipse 370 MPH. They’ll have to wait until next year for another try though, which may serve to only increase their appetite for speed.

Not bad for a car that makes zero emissions.

Christopher DeMorro

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