Tesla To Announce Nevada As Gigafactory Location


Today at 4 PM PST, Tesla officials will join the Nevada governor Brian Sandoval in announcing that the electric automaker is building its battery Gigafactory outside of Reno, the Biggest Little City in the World.

The news comes via USA Today, and though Tesla hasn’t “officially” made the announcement yet, the company has said that it will be “…joining the governor and legislative leaders tomorrow in Carson City” for a joint announcement. The Silver State is rumored to have offered Tesla a $400 million incentive package to get the Gigafactory, and after California’s own incentive package failed to launch last week, it became increasingly clear which state was the winner.

California had been making a strong play to land the Gigafactory, even going so far as possibly waiving environmental studies in order to accelerate construction. That and other incentives never even got voted on though, and Tesla already commissioned a Gigafactory construction pad that was built in a hurried fashion outside of Reno. All the pieces are in place for the Gigafactory, which could eventually bring as many as 6,500 direct jobs to the area.

Now that a location has been settled on, there are other concerns to discuss, such as whether Tesla really can cut battery costs by 30%, and even the company can actually sell enough cars (and batteries) to justify what could be a $6 billion endeavor. Even with other major players like Panasonic pitching in, the Gigafactory is a make-or-break deal for the fledgling car company.

Elon Musk is betting big time on the Gigafactory, and what better place to take that chance than the gambling capital of the country?

Image: Thomas Hawk

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