Video: 2015 F-150 Goes Through Military-Grade Test

The United States military spends more money on defense than the next 16 nations combined. That’s a lotta money, and much of it is spent testing, perfecting, and often destroying concept vehicles in extreme climates under extreme conditions.

What better place to test the 2015 Ford F-150 with its new aluminum body and EcoBoost engine? Ford gave defense contractor Brian Schober a chance to drive the 2015 F-150 through a 5.4 mile loop at temperatures in excess of 100 degrees F for 36 hours, towing and hauling all sorts of loads.

Brian is the first of four “You Test” contest winners picked from among 15,000 submissions from eager Ford fans wanting to put the 2015 F-150 through its paces. Brian’s hardcore test demanding a 3.5 liter EcoBoost engine (of which more than a half-million have already been sold), the top-range motor. Schober claims he has gone through some 13 vehicles in the past 18 months putting them through these sorts of extreme tests; how would the F-150 hold up?

512 miles and 36 hours later, we have our answer, and unsurprisingly, the new F-150 easily handled everything the defense contractor threw at it.

“I work at the U.S. Army proving grounds where I drive approximately 350 miles a day on gravel and dirt roads, hauling parts and people. I’ve gone through my fair share of vehicles,” said Schober. “We currently rent a 2013 F-150 and consider it a workhorse. With a new F-150 on my radar for my next vehicle, the 2015 looks like it will do the trick.”

Sounds like a ringing endorsement to me, and it should help allay fears that the new mostly-aluminum pickup truck would be easily damaged and more difficult to repair. If it can stand up to Schober’s tests, it can probably handle whatever chores you have in mind.

Ford is planning to release three more “You Test” videos ahead of the 2015 F-150’s national launch later this year.

Christopher DeMorro

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