Dodge Ram 1500 Tops Consumer Reports MPG Test

Consumer Reports says the Dodge Ram 1500 EcoDiesel has the best fuel economy of any full size pickup truck sold in America. In their testing, it got 27 mpg on the highway and 20 mpg overall. Those numbers compare quite favorably with the EPA rating of 28 highway, 2o mpg city and 23 mpg overall. The CR numbers are probably closer to what owners should see in real world driving.

Ram’s brand director Bob Hegbloom said recently that improved fuel economy ratings have definitely helped sell more Ram 1500 trucks. He also said that the first manufacturer to offer a full size pickup that actually gets 30 mpg will “win the pick up truck war.” Others are getting close. Staff member Jo Borras recently took a Chevy Tahoe on a 1000 mile road trip with his family and all their stuff and averaged 25 mpg for the entire journey. The Tahoe is based on Chevy’s Silverado pick up. 

Ford is fighting back by putting its popular F 150 on a major diet, trimming 700 lbs by using aluminum extensively in the upcoming 2015 model.

People trust what Consumer Reports has to say. Recently Ford and Hyundai both got a black eye in the marketplace when some of their models failed to live up to EPA estimates in real world driving. But to be fair, both instances involved hybrid models for which rating standards are still being finalized.

Chrysler must be thrilled with this latest news from CR, but it won’t have long to rest on its laurels. The other companies are in hot pursuit of the top fuel economy rating for themselves.

Steve Hanley

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