Battery Electric Truck From EV-Fleet

EV Fleet Condor

EV-Fleet, of Charlotte, North Carolina, will begin selling its first battery electric truck, called Condor, in September. About the size of a Ford Ranger , the Condor features a robust 5 speed transmission, a carrying capacity of 1000 lbs, and a range of more than 100 miles when equipped with a 50 kWh battery. Recharge time is under an hour when using a 90 amp DC charger.

The Condor is packed with innovative thinking.  It has built in solar panels to extend its useful range on sunny days. The body is sculpted in a wind tunnel to reduce drag. It features four wheel independent suspension that can be adjusted to give as much as 10 inches of road clearance. It also has 4 wheel disc brakes.

Because cabin heating is an issue for BEV’s, the Condor’s steel frame and molded fiberglass bodywork are coated with a thick layer of insulating foam to prevent heat loss. Air conditioning is standard.

Fleet managers will be delighted with two EV-Fleet exclusives. Its Total Telemetry Program reports on vehicle location, speed and usage to help fleet managers maximize range.  And its fleet service program rotates the cells within the battery to promote long life. Both programs are designed to save costs.

Behind the cab, the Condor can be fitted with a standard or refrigerated van body or an open cargo bed with single or triple tailgate option. The factory can produce 300 trucks a month. The are priced at $49,995 before rebates and incentives.

EV-Fleet says the Condor is the first fully electric light delivery truck in America. With luck, the company will do for trucks what Tesla has done for cars. Taken together, the Condor offers an impressive array of features, especially low operating costs, that commercial truck users and fleet owners should find irresistible.

Source: Inside EVs

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