Outrage: Cop Who Killed Cyclist Not Facing Charges

Cop Kills Napster COO, Won't be Charged

An LA County Sheriff’s Deputy won’t face charges for the death of ex-Napster COO Milton Olin, Jr., who was struck and killed by Deputy Anthony Wood’s patrol car as it drifted into the protected bicycle lane. The distracted Deputy took his eyes off the road in order to answer an email on his laptop, according to reports from CBS Los Angeles and the UK’s Daily Mail.

Despite the aggressively enforced “distracted driving laws” in place in Los Angeles, however, Woods is getting a pass because the letter of those laws states that law enforcement officials are “allowed to use electronic wireless devices while carrying out their duties,” and Deputy Wood was responding to a work-related email.

So, basically, it’s OK for the police to run you down like a squirrel, so long as they’re checking their email or texting someone about police matters. Which, if it doesn’t remind of that time Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back


… it like, totally should.

“It is difficult to get any sense of closure,” said Milton’s son, in the face of the outrage. Chris and his family have started an online petition on Change.org demanding that charges be brought against the deputy. So far, more than 70,000 people have signed.

Milton Olin was 65 at the time of the accident, and was believed to be obeying all traffic laws. He was a prominent entertainment attorney and former Napster executive, as well as an avid cyclist. Olin is survived by his wife and their two children, and serves as a vivid reminder that even rich, prominent, and law-abiding white guys can’t always find justice in matters dealing with police policing police.

#Ferguson #MichaelBrown


Milton Olin’s Shoe, at the Scene

Cop Kills Napster COO, Won't be Charged

Source | Photos: CBS Los Angeles, via Daily Mail.

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