DENNY Urban Utility Bicycle Coming Next Spring


Earlier this year, the Oregon Manifest design contest set out to find the urban utility bike of the future. Five teams in five cities were challenged to design and build the ultimate urban utility bicycle with the winner determined by online voting. Now the votes have been tallied and the winner is (drum roll, please) the DENNY!

Created by Seattle design firm TEAGUE and built by Sizemore Bicycle, the DENNY was created, “to be an everyday bike that removes the barriers to becoming an everyday rider,” and beat out the snazzy Evo and Chicago-based Blackline concepts to take the win.

Whether you’re a daily commuter or a fair weather rider, the DENNY concept is the “all in” cycling solution that meets all your security, safety and convenience needs. It has handlebars that double as a u-lock, integrated lights (signal, head and tail lights, and safety lights), a built-in front cargo rack, an electric pedal-assist system, a low-maintenance belt drive, and a novel “fender” system that uses brushes to sweep mud and water away from the tires.

Keeping DENNY riders visible is an LED lighting system that features head and tail lights, as well as integrated turn signals. All of which feature “auto-on” operation that react to natural light conditions, helping riders to stay visible in changing light conditions without having to take their eyes (and minds!) off the road.

Fuji Bikes, one of the sponsors of the Oregon Manifest design contest, won production rights for the bike, intends to put the DENNY into production later this year. It should be ready for sale to retail and fleet customers sometime in the spring of 2015.


Source | Images: Tree Hugger.

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