Volvo Will Build 3 Cylinder Turbo Engine

Volvo Drive-E Engine

Not content to let its former-owners at Ford get all the 3 cyl. turbo glory with its tiny Ecoboost Fiesta models, Volvo is developing an all-new, 1.5 liter turbocharged 3 cylinder gasoline engine of its own! The new engine will be used in future versions of its small and medium size cars (think S40/S60) as well as mid range SUVs (XC60). That’s the word from Derek Crabb, Volvo’s global power train boss, who adds that – while the engine will have enough horsepower for Volvo’s larger cars – it lacks the necessary torque characteristics.

Why is Volvo downsizing its new power plants? It’s all about emissions.

“I see it being possible in S60 but not higher. It’s not planned for the higher XC cars at the moment. It’s not the power. It’s more to do with the torque,” Mr. Crabb told AutoCar. The current Volvo CO2 average across the range is 120 g/km in Europe. “By 2020, we have to get down to 95 g/km but in Australia we have to get down to 75 g/km in the same timeframe. If you really get your engineering right, you can get through 95 g/km (over 55 MPG) without electrification.”

Don’t think that Volvo has forgotten performance, however. The company believes that its diesel and gasoline and diesel powered 4 cylinder engines are well suited to the task of turning V8s into “dinosaurs”, and are slated for modest power increases every two years. In addition, Volvo’s flagship XC90 crossover will be available with a version of Volvo’s 300 HP turbocharged AND supercharged “Drive E” gasoline engine, coupled to an 80 HP hybird-electric motor, yielding a total of 400 HP and 470 Lb-ft of torque.


Sources: Autocar, via AutoEvolution.

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