Movie Trailer for PUMP

Brought to you by biofuel advocate Josh Tickell, the inspiration behind the movie FUEL, this latest cinematic exercise seeks to educate viewers about the alternatives to gasoline that already exist such as alcohol, ethanol, methanol, natural gas. propane and of course electricity. PUMP looks behind our current dependence on petroleum based fuels like gasoline and diesel fuel and examines some of the hidden costs we pay for the convenience of filling our cars and trucks at the nearest gas pump.

PUMP performs a valuable service by taking a fresh look at something we take for granted. Anything that challenges our normal assumptions has to be a good thing. Whether you agree with the movie’s conclusions is beside the point. What’s important is to interrupt our current thinking about what’s normal and start the conversation about what’s next.

Steve Hanley

Closely following the transition from internal combustion to electricity. Whether it's cars, trucks, ships, or airplanes, sustainability is the key. Please follow me on Google + and Twitter.