Nissan LEAF’s New Look Leaked


Rumors about the next-generation Nissan LEAF are heating up, and AutoExpress has what it claims is an exclusive first look at a more conventional-looking LEAF. With about double the range and a less polarizing look, Nissan is hoping to push the LEAF into the mainstream.

While AutoExpress quotes a driving range of about 186 miles, that’s on the more-generous Imperial testing cycle; here in America, the 2017 Nissan LEAF should be good for about 150 miles per charge. Another major component of the next Nissan EV will be a more prominent charging network. Nissan dealerships have begun installing free-to-use fast chargers, and Nissan executives met with their counterparts at Tesla Motors to discuss use of the Supercharger network. It’s too early to tell just how serious those discussions were, but the Tesla Model S has set the standard for what electric cars can, and should be.

Hopefully the next Nissan LEAF is riding on a purpose-built EV platform, which combined with a more conventional look could broaden its appeal to the car-buying public. With more driving range and access to more charging stations, range anxiety could become a thing of the past. Infiniti is also in line to get a luxury version of the LEAF, and multiple battery options have been rumored to be on the table too. However, it won’t hit dealerships until the second half of 2016, most likely as a 2017 model.

Head over to AutoExpress to see their fully-fleshed out teaser photo of the 2016 Nissan LEAF.

Christopher DeMorro

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