Tesla Model S To Go Keyless With Update


The Tesla Model S has been declared “An Intergalatic Spaceboat Of Light And Wonder” by some of its biggest fans thanks not only to its electric drivetrain, but futuristic features as well including a highly functional phone app, which is about to update the Model S even more.

Elektrek.co reports that a screenshot of the new v6.0 firmware update to the Model S includes an option that lets drivers start their car with the new Tesla app. An android version of the app is also on the way, but this is a major development that opens a flood of questions.

There’s been a lot of movement between Tesla and Apple, with the former poaching several of the latter’s employees and there even being talk of a merger between the two tech giants. So far though none of that panned out, though enabling Tesla owners to operate their car, sans the key fob, is an incredibly neat feature that really ups the “Wow!” factor. There is speculation though that this new feature could debut alongside the iPhone 6 and the iOS 8 update.

There is, however, question about the security of it all. A Chinese team recently hacked into the Model S, and was able to remotely replicate many of the smartphone features, which lets you lock/unlock the doors, flash the lights, and set the climate control. Add the ability to start and stop the motor is one step away from being able to drive the car itself.

The update will also improve the navigation system and GPS to take into account real-time traffic reporting, as well as enabling a “Night Mode” that shifts the Model S into an energy-conserving state between the hours of 10 PM and 5 AM. This update will also allow owners to name their Model S

Thankfully, Tesla is taking security seriously, even attending the recent DEFCON hacker conference with the hopes of recruiting some Internet security experts to protect the Model S. It’s another futuristic feature that makes the Model S even more the cutting edge car everybody says it is.

Christopher DeMorro

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