Electric Car Etiquette: You Just Got Musked


As electric vehicles grow in popularity and public EV chargers begin to pop up at shopping centers across the US, a type of EV charging etiquette has formed with terms such as “ICE’d” and “Musked” entering the lexicon.

One of major concerns of drivers of EVs and potential buyers of EVs is getting stuck someplace without a charge. This concern has been mitigated with the rise of public charging stations. However, as with anything new some people just don’t know the rules, or don’t care.

Public EV Charging Etiquette 101:

  1. All fully electric cars should have preference at the charger over plug in hybrid cars. This is an easy one because a hybrid car can always fall back on the gasoline engine.
  2. Non plugin electric cars do not belong in the EV charging spot. Again an easy one, if you’re not plugging in don’t park there!
  3. EVs should be parked in the EV spot while charging. Similar to #2, if you don’t need to be plugged in don’t park there!
  4. When you EV is done charging move out of the spot. You would not leave your car in front of a fuel pump after you have filled up to go shopping. Same here, once you have charged up pull your car into a normal parking space.
  5. Be mindful of indicator lights before you unplug someone EV. EVs have indicator lights that show how full the battery is. So before you unplug someone’s EV so you can plug in your EV make sure their EV is fully charged. Just be nice.
  6. Safety first. Don’t leave cords around for people to trip over things like that.

Those are the six major ones. Of course there are other lists with slight variations and additions such as leaving a note in your car window with your contact information in case of issues (although I would not recommended advertising your phone number or email to everyone) and taking note of cars who ICE.

So what is ICE? ICE stands for Internal Combustion Engine. You have been “ICE’d” when a gas powered car has parked in an EV charging space. See Public EV Charging Etiquette #2.

As for “Musked”, well that’s when a Tesla Model S, an EV with a range of approximately 265 miles per charge so they don’t need to be plugged in that much, is occupying an EV charging space and is not plugged in. See Public EV Charging Etiquette #3.

So now you know and knowing is half the battle.

Source: LongTailPipe.com

Andrew Meggison

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