Tesla Supercharger Are Built In Seven Days


As of last May the number of Tesla Superchargers in North America was in the single digits. Now, close to one year later, Tesla reports that 105 Superchargers are in operation in North America. How’d so many go up so fast?

Tesla is taking over. From the West Coast to the East Coast Tesla Motors are opening showcase stores and dealerships. I was recently in the state of Maine and saw two Tesla Model S on the roads in Portland. It would seem the concern that cold weather would sap the battery life is not hindering sales in the Northeast. Add to that the rising numbers of the Superchargers and it seems that Tesla can’t be stopped.

So what is the Tesla Supercharger anyhow? Well we have talked about it before, the Superchargers operate at 120 kW and can provide half a battery charge to the electric vehicle (EV) in about 20 minutes, and a full charge in less than an hour. Tesla claims that their Supercharger is 33% faster than other public chargers.

Several construction companies are working on expanding the Supercharger network and working within the seven day build time. One company, Electric Conduit Construction is even claiming that with expansion continuing at current rates, 98% of the US population would have access to a Supercharger by next year. There was a video to go along with this piece, but it appears to have been removed by the user…making me wonder if Tesla didn’t somehow get involved.

Not to be outdone, other car companies that offer or will be offing EVs such as BMW are making their own charging networks. BMW plans on having 100 of their EV chargers in place in California soon, and as a bonus offer free charging at the charging stations until the end of 2015. Competition is good and when that competition is expanding EV charging accessibility it is even better.

Source: Autoblog Green

Andrew Meggison

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