Essence of Lincoln: Your Car Shopping Experience Will Never Smell The Same


For as long as I can remember marketers have been trying to incorporate smell into their products – Smell – O- Vision anyone? Now Lincoln, owned by the Ford Motor Company, is introducing “Essence of Lincoln”, a unique scent that the company hopes will embody “upscale wellbeing” for customers in their showrooms.

From fresh baked cookies to your mother’s perfume, smell is indeed a very powerful sense and can bring back fond memories. For Lincoln, they are hoping smell brings in/back customers, many of whom have fled for other, global luxury brands (Lincoln sales are almost entirely a North America). Lincoln is in a bit of a tough spot right as they try to reestablish the brand name and carve out a spot for themselves in the luxury car market. For years Lincoln has been associated not necessarily as a luxury car, but rather an old folk’s car. This allowed bands like Lexus to swooped in and become one of the luxury cars of choice for younger families, and at the same time establish brand loyalty that could lead to a lifetime of sales.

Ford has been at this re-brand of Lincoln for some time now, and if they are now resorting to putting a unique scent into the car showroom, well, that’s a bit telling as to how things are going. You know what would help more than pumping scents into showrooms? Some, new, real, unique cars that aren’t just tarted-up Fords.

So what is the scent of Essence of Lincoln? Well it would seem that Ford Motor Company is not skimping on the cost of this project, having hired Rene Morgenthaler a Master Perfumer with ties to well-known cologne and perfume brands Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein. The scent itself is described as a mix of green tea, jasmine, and tonka and aimed at creating a sense of “upscale well-being” and a “relaxing atmosphere.” Sounds nice, but will it sell cars?

The plan is to have the scent will be pumped through the air vents at Lincoln showrooms. Now as of the posting of this article the air vent system is not up and running yet at any dealerships, so dealers are passing out scent cards to interested customers. Whether or not showcase room employees are being asked to wear the scent on themselves remains unknown.

Andrew Meggison

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