Electric Ferrari Turbo Coming in 2016

Electric Ferrari Turbo coming in 2016

Audi and BMW are pushing forward with plans to strap electric air compressors to their sportiest new cars, and an electric Ferrari turbo will be joining them by 2016, if 4WheelsNews‘ Italian sources are to be believed.

The move will reportedly allow Ferrari to eliminate turbo lag (the lack of power that turbo cars can experience as exhaust gasses accumulate and “boost” builds) by allowing the turbines to spin at their most efficient speed independent of the engine’s exhaust. In addition to the kind of hybrid tech being pioneered by the company’s F1 team and the LaFerrari hybrid halo car, the new electric Ferrari turbos will help the company meet its stated goals of reducing CO2 emissions and improving fuel economy by 20%, each.

Fiat is expected to launch the new electric Ferrari turbochargers on the next-generation of V8 engined Ferrari / Maserati GT cars (the next 458 and California T models, on other words), while future V12 models will remain naturally aspirated, making use of an advanced hybrid KERS systems to provide low-speed power in markets, like China and the UK, that will soon be limiting the sale of non-hybrid vehicles.


Source | Images: 4 Wheels News, via MotorAuthority.

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