GM Trademarks Chevy Bolt, But Why?


Car companies are constantly taking out trademarks for names they have no intention of using; it’s just a matter of making sure nobody else uses it either. A recent trademark filing by GM for the “Chevy Bolt” moniker is worth a moment’s consideration though, especially with the new 2016 Chevy Volt set to debut in just a few months.

InsideEVs reports that there’s no indication that GM intends to use this recent trademark filing, but it’s worth considering what the automaker might have planned. An expanded line of Volt-based products, like an earlier MPV design seemed to suggest, would make a lot of sense if GM wants to grow its Volt owner base. It could also be for an upcoming concept car, or even a character in the next Transformers movie, which GM is just as addicted to as Michael Bay.


Or, perhaps less likely but definitely more cool, a performance version of the Chevy Volt? “Bolt” after all can be used to describe speed, and a hotter version of the Volt would certainly give it some bragging points over slower, stodgier competitors. Another possibility is the Chevy Bolt could be a longer, or shorter range version of the Volt, which could begin offering different battery sizes just like Tesla does.

Or, you know, maybe nothing. Who knows?

Christopher DeMorro

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