Europe Gets Its 50th Tesla Supercharger


Originally posted on CleanTechnica

Tesla Motors has gone worldwide in a big way with the Model S, and with it has come the store, service center, and Supercharger networks to support the electric car. Earlier this year, Tesla installed its 100th Supercharger station here in the U.S., and this week it announced the opening of its 50th Supercharger station in Europe.

The updated map shows that the stations now cover most of central and western Europe, with a few notable exceptions. Norway and much of northern Europe is already well covered, though by this winter almost all of Scandinavia will be within range of a Tesla Supercharger. Most of France is already covered, though most of the west coast still needs some stations. There are also plans to increase the number of stations across England, though it looks like Scotland and Ireland will be left wanting for the fast-charging stations.


It’s obvious that Tesla is focusing its efforts on EV-friendly nations, with Norway being foremost amongst them thanks to seriously generous tax and driving incentives, helping the Model S become one of the best-selling cars in Scandinavia. There don’t appear to be any plans to spread the Supercharger network to the eastern side of the Old World though, with Germany, Austria, and Croatia representing the eastern-most Supercharger stations.

Meanwhile, Tesla is also expanding the virtually non-existent Supercharger network in China, a nation that is still in the very early stages of EV adoption despite its ambitious claims.

For its part, Tesla claims to now have some 168 total Superchargers worldwide, and that number will only continue to grow while traditional automakers continue to play catch-up.

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