Bacon-Powered Motorcycle Arrives In San Diego


Meat company Hormel has successfully backed and built a bacon-powered motorcycle, which just completed a cross country journey by arriving in San Diego yesterday. I think we can all agree that America’s bacon obsession has jumped the shark.

Don’t get me wrong though, there’s a lot of awesomesauce going on here, including the rare Track T800 CDI diesel-powered motorcycle. Less than 20 of these oil-burning motorbikes were built, though the three-cylinder diesel engine is the perfect match for Hormel’s plans to burn nothing but bacon grease on a cross-country journey that took it from Austin, Minnesota to sunny San Diego, California.


For promoting the Black Label Bacon brand on its mission, the Track motorcycle needed a serious looks upgrade, going from stealth fighter to cafe racer at the hands of Charlie Smithson, owner of CS Engineering. Then Bio-Blend Fuels was tasked with creating the most important part of the journey; refined biodiesel. 250 pounds of bacon grease was converted into 200 gallons of B100 fuel, though with the Track rated at between 75 and 100 MPG, the journey needed just a fraction of that fuel, which costs an estimated $3.50 a gallon….about 75-cents a gallon cheaper than regular diesel.

The whole “Driven by Bacon” journey will be filmed, with an unnamed bearded man taking the starring role as the motorcycle rider. A film crew will turn his adventure into a film for the 2nd Annual International Bacon Film Festival, and the whole trip was cataloged on Twitter and Tumblr.

Yes, this is real life, where bacon has its own film festival. As for the bacon-powered motorbike? It straddles the line between corporate-manufactured cool…and just cool. As a marketing tool it’s kinda weird, but as an offbeat project that harnesses a popular food group to provide fuel for a cafe racer-style motorcycle based on an uber-rare diesel motorcycle? I didn’t even know diesel motorcycles existed outside of India. So yeah, I learned something and got to write about bacon.

I’ll chalk that up as a win…and I bet Hormel will too.



Christopher DeMorro

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