Video: VW e-Golf Parks And Charges Itself

Self-parking cars are nothing new, with numerous carmakers now offering such features on higher-end models, enabling cars to parallel park themselves. But Bosch and Volkswagen have a broader idea of self-parking cars, and it’s taking shape in Germany right now.

Together with researchers from ETH Zurich as well as the universities of Braunschweig, Oxford, and Parma, Bosch and Volkswagen are developing a car that can drop you off curbside at an airport, and then drive itself to a pre-determined parking spot in a nearby parking garage, where it will even recharge itself. It’s the next level of self-parking vehicles, and it could change the way we look at parking garages as well. It’s a lot more impressive than parallel parking for sure.

Autonomous cars hold a lot of promise for the future, though automakers are taking baby steps towards fully self-driving cars. Parking is one area of great focus, as it costs untold amounts of time and gas, and there are a number of ideas on how to reduce those costs for the average consumer. Imagine the convenience of a car that can drop you off right where you need to be at the airport, and not only parking itself, but refueling itself in the process as well. Then when you get back from your trip, you summon your fully-charged EV with the press of a button via a smartphone app.

Naturally, Volkswagen equipped this technology to its all-electric e-Golf electric hatchback, which also enables the car to recharge wirelessly, automatically. You’re basically taking the “plug” out of plug-in cars.

Seems too high-tech to be feasible? Well this is mostly off-the-shelf components, which means the potential for bringing it into production is that much greater. Soon, drivers will be able to enjoy all the perks of car ownership, without any of the drawbacks.

What an age we live in.

Christopher DeMorro

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