2016 Alfa Romeo SUV Revealed, Coming to US?

2016 Alfa Romeo SUV

Small SUVs are the fastest-growing new car segment outside of EVs, and manufactures like Honda, Chevrolet, and even Porsche are getting into the act. Now, word is coming out of Europe that Alfa Romeo – set to return to the US next year – will be bringing its own upscale, all-wheel drive cute-ute to market, as well.

Shown, above, in an image that was leaked to Germany’s Auto Bild magazine, the new-for-2016 Alfa Romeo SUV seems to be about the same size as the latest Jeep Cherokee. Those dimensions would set up the new Alfa as a rival for the Audi Q5, Porsche Macan, Land Rover Evoque, and (if the brand is still around) Lincoln’s EcoBoost-powered MKC.

Alfa being Alfa, however, it’s believed that the company famous for its sports cars will give this SUV some serious firepower under the hood. According to AutoExpress, that means a family of four and six-cylinder engines leading up to turbocharged V6 deliverings up to 500 HP in the top version, with a hot, torquey diesel version for overseas markets that will churn out “about” 350 HP.

If even half of that is true – and, frankly, if it looks at all as good as the leaked image – the 2016 Alfa Romeo SUV will be sold out before it makes it to US dealers. Expect Alfa’s return to happen, officially, sometime next fall (just as we’ve been told since 2009).


Source | Images: Auto Bild, via AutoExpress UK.

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